This Adoreable pillow will add charm to any room. 

Great Christmas Gift for the doodle lover.

pillow is 17x17 (not includling the ruffled edge.  

Pillow case has zippered bottom . 

Design sublimated directly into the fabric so won't crack or peel. 


Choice of filling:

1. Poly-fil- loose  stuffing provides soft , less firm .  ( customer can easily add their own  extra fill to fit their preference)

2. solid insert (+$3.50) Recomended

18x18 insert for added fullness. 

 white poly cotton cover with siliconized fiber filling, will never make them look hollow


* if no choice is made,  poly -fil will be used. 


Adorable Doodle Christmas Pillow

  • Care Instructions


    Wash the pillow set using machine wash on gentlest cycle using cold water and a fabric softener. Hand washing the set would be ideal.


    After spin drying the pillows in the machine, take them out carefully. Shake or punch them to dislodge any clumps inside.

    The pillows could be air dried. However, make sure they are left in a warm area to completely dry.

    If you are using a machine to dry, make sure you use a drying bag or wrap the pillows in a towel. Also, set the dryer machine on sensitive